+27 73 342 2819


+27 73 342 2819

Our Projects

We have multiple projects currently running all to make our community a better place.

Home of Safety for women & children

Our House of safety will serve as a safe haven for any woman or child that needs to escape their current situation whether facing physical or verbal abuse

At The House of safety, these individuals will be in a safe environment with 24/7 monitoring. 

Counselling will also be arranged for these individuals.

Fundraiser for other NPO’s in our area

We have multiple NPO’s in our community that also require funding.

We at HOPIN are accepting donations on these NPO’s behalf, you will always be certain that the funds are allocated to the correct cause as we publicly post these statements to our Facebook page

Baby Drop Box

Our goal with this project is to save the lives of abandoned babies and to give them the opportunity of a better future. By preventing the abandonment of babies in an unsafe and uncontrolled environment.

Working together with a designated rescue team in Tzaneen consisting of Breed Security, and Emergency Medical Staff.

Our Dropboxes are equipped with advanced technology such as Temperature Control, SMS notification system and cameras. Regular testing and maintenance are also done ensuring permanent operation. 

H.O.P.I.N’s Community

Our biggest project, HOPIN community is focused on creating a community for the homeless and the less fortunate.

All the community members will have to attend compulsory workshops to learn new skills and eventually become self-sustainable 

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